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Our team does more than just dispense medication.

We provide services to our patients to make healthcare more convenient & accessible.

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy

Alford's Extended Supply Program

Our Extended Day Drug Supply Program gives you many popular generic drugs for only $37 for 6 months or $70 for a year.

No insurance is needed to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Diabetic Shoes

Online & Mobile App Refills

Did you know we have a mobile app?!

Search for

"Alford's Pharmacy"

in your smartphone's app store to download 

  • Manage your family's medication

  • Set medication reminders

  • Request refills

  • Send secure text messages directly to pharmacy staff 


Free Home Delivery

SimpleFill Medication Synchronization

Want less trips to the pharmacy? 

Ask for SimpleFill !

This service saves both time and money by filling all your medications at the same time each month.

Give us your medication list and we take care of everything else!


Free County - Wide Delivery

Medication Packaging

Alford's Pharmacy uses RapidPakRx Packaging to make medication management a breeze.

Your medication is filled by your technician, checked by your pharmacist,and is detachable and portable.


You've got better things to do than worry about your medication! 

Give us a call today to see if our RapidPak Packaging service would be a great fit for you! 

Convenient Drive - Thru

Medicare PartD Evaluations

Mid-October through the first of December is open enrollment for Medicare Part D. 

We specialize in helping our patients find the best Medicare Part D to meet your needs.

Turning 65?

We want to help you! 

Give us a call and have your medication list handy so we can help you find the best Medicare Part D plan for you.

Electronic Prescriptions

Custom-molded inserts and shoes is the foundation of diabetic foot health!

Did you know each calendar year Medicare pays for a new pair of shoes and inserts?

Our advanced diabetic shoe fitters work with your provider to get the correct paperwork, exams and foot assessments needed for you to select the proper insert and shoe for your needs.

Alford's Pharmacy uses

Dr Comfort shoes & inserts.

dr comfort.jpg

Can't make it to the pharmacy, but still need your medication?

No problem!

Want same day delivery? Give us a call before 11:30 am to schedule.

Want to add an over-the-counter medication to your delivery? 

No problem!

Just let our staff know and we will deliver that as well!

Medication Flavoring

Looking for a solution to make that bad tasting medicine taste better?

Look no further!

Our FlavoRx machine formulates combinations of  sweeteners, bitterness suppressors, and taste/flavor enhancers all to make medication taste.. well, better! With a wide variety of flavors we are sure to find a flavor you or your family love.

We offer the following immunizations:

  • Flu

  • Shingles

  • Pneumonia

  • Tdap

  • Hepatits A

  • COVID (Moderna)* 

Refer & Save Program

Do you love Alford's Pharmacy? 

Do you have family or friends that should use Alford's Pharmacy!?

Well, send them our way and make sure they tell us you sent them!

Each referral that switches their prescriptions to Alford's earns $50 in store credit for any over the counter product. Repeat this process and get unlimited over the counter credit!

Get our same friendly, fast service from the convenience of your vehicle!​

Offering curbside options for our patients has enabled us to keep our drive-thru running smooth and efficient.

Need an over-the-counter medication? No problem! We can add any over the counter medication to your order, just ask.  

Rapid Test & Treat

Not feeling well?

With Alford's Rapid Test & Treat anyone who is 18+ can be tested for

  • Strep ($20)

  • Flu A & B ($25)

  • COVID ($30)

If your test is positive for Flu A or B or Strep, prescription medication can be dispensed to you. 

If you receive a negative test but still have symptoms, we can help with that as well!

No appointment is necessary. 

Still have questions? Give us a call or text us to learn more!


Electronic Prescriptions, or "e-Prescribing"​ allows providers to enter prescription information into their device and securely transmit the prescription to the pharmacy of the patient's choice. 

It is our goal to have your "e-script" ready for you before you get to the pharmacy!

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